Slim Skim and Nano Skimmers

For the well-being of nano and minireef aquariums (up to 250 l) Hydor has designed Slimskim and Slimskim Nano internal skimmers. Compact and easy to position with magnet-suction
cup supports, special grid for surface water intake, multiventuri impeller technology, low power consumption, adjustable air control and foaming level.

  • Energy efficient Minimum power consumption, Super quiet
  • Super efficient multi venturi impeller
  • Easy and precise regulation of foaming thanks to the many possibilities of adjusting the collection cup level.
  • Magnet-Suction cup support included: free
  • Water intake from surface through special grid

 Model Height Footprint Heavy Stocking Normal Stocking Foaming Pumps
 Slim Skim Nano 30 cm
12 in
8x8.5 cm 60 L
25 gal
140 L
35 gal
4 W
 Slim Skim 45 cm
17.7 in
10x11 cm 185 L
48 gal
250 L
65 gal
5 W